Twin Baby Eight Month Update

These little people are turning into big people in the blink of an eye! So much has happened this month that it is hard to wrap my mind around it! Seriously, where does the time go? I feel like I need to start planning their birthday already!

Eliana’s first word came the DAY after I posted the 7-month update. All of a sudden everything was “dada” or “dadadadadadada”. She is getting the rocking motion down when she is in the crawling position but isn’t too interested in moving forward just yet. Isabella has said “mama” a few times here and there but is more interested in crawling than using her words. YES…Crawling! She is crawling everywhere and getting into everything. Both babies are getting into sitting positions on their own now and staying there for long periods of time. We are actually lowering the cribs tonight. They both have a lot of consonant sounds they are practicing so I am sure there is a slew of words coming soon.

They are getting really good at finding hidden objects and love playing Peek-a-boo. They also get really upset when you walk out of the room. They think you are leaving forever! They take turns on certain days wanting to be held most of the day. I am enjoying the extra snuggles from each of them.

Their favorite actual toys are the kick an play piano ,the jumper (especially Eliana) and BeatBelle. Their favorite non-toy items are water bottles and random empty boxes. They like to fight the cats over boxes. Speaking of cats, they LOVE the cats (especially Isabella). I think one of Isabella’s motivating factors in crawling was to finally get to pet (rip chunks of hair out) of the cats!

Bath time is getting much easier, especially if I am by myself, because they are so good at sitting up. They love splashing all of the water in the tub out onto the floor and all over me. They are definitely growing out of the baby tub. I think I will get brave enough this month to try to bathe them in the big girl tub! I think they would Love to play with bubbles and bath toys.

We are getting to be absolute pros at traveling with twin infants. We took a vacation for thanksgiving to see their GREAT Granny and Poppy (my side) as well as their GREAT grandma (Jason’s side). They are such easy babies and did wonderfully in the car and out of the car. We only had a few fussy moments at their normal bed time or when we first got to a destination and they didn’t know what was happening yet.

Washing bottles in the hotel room

Getting dressed and ready to see Great Grandma!

Both babies love food. I haven’t found a food that they turn down yet. During Thanksgiving break we met with my mom at a nice breakfast place in Ocean Springs, MS called Phoenicia and the girls had grits, eggs and pancakes for the first time and I don’t think I have heard either one of them say “MMM” that much. I swear, Isabella was saying “MMM” at every single bite. We are working on picking up small pieces of foods now. They are getting pretty good at diced sweet potato and I am looking forward to trying out more new things. We are eating so many solids now that it can be really tricky to determine how much formula they are wanting or needing. They are also very spoiled on having warm milk, so that can be interesting while out and about or traveling.

Huge Milestone Alert!!! We upgraded our car seats!! This was sad, but also really exciting. I was really picky when I picked out their car seat and finally settled on the Maxi Cosi Pria 70. I was dead set on the Maxi Cosi pria 85 until I realized that the only differences were the max height (70 vs 85) and that the 85 is easier to get off to machine wash. The differences weren’t worth the price to me. I would have gotten the 85 if I didn’t have twins and need to purchase twice the car seats or if they had a good enough sale. I am so happy with what we ordered though. We went with the Bohemian Blue, but all of the color options are so adorable. You can even choose one that matches the interior of your car which is pretty awesome! The girls seem to LOVE their seats and they truly look cozy in them.

We went to see the Zoo lights for the first time and it was so much fun. The girls are fascinated with lights right now and were in little baby heaven with all of the lights and noises. We even took a little train ride, but they were so tired and “over it” all by then. We got free hot chocolate with our admissions tickets and the girls LOVED trying their very cooled off hot chocolate. Thankfully they didn’t get a sugar rush and slept great that night. We definitely wore them out that day!

I am getting really excited about buying them gifts for the holidays and can’t wait to see their reactions to opening gifts and playing with their new toys. Let’s be honest though, I’m sure they will enjoy the boxes more than the gifts. Each and every day brings something new and more fun and joy in our lives. They are at such a curious and fun stage of discovery. I am so thankful that my Father in heaven loved me so much that he blessed me with these miracles.



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