7 Month Twin Update

Eliana and Isabella had their 7 month checkup last week. Do I really have to accept the fact that my little preemie babies are now 7 months old? SEVEN! I now truly believe that the days are long, the weeks are short and the months are even shorter. Their pediatrician says they are PERFECT, but we already knew that. They have hit so many milestones lately and are at such a fun stage.

These girls love to eat and the pediatrician gave us the OK to start giving them a little bit of everything to try food wise. Their only restriction now is honey. I immediately went to Publix to see what new things I could introduce that were on the baby isle. I have been so excited to give them those Organic Creamies that are “fruity” and “melt in their mouth”. Something about those things would catch my eye every time I would go down the baby isle. I just KNEW they would love them. What a special treat! I decided they were such big girls that I wouldn’t even use my massive double jogging stroller to go grocery shopping with. I went for the “baby” grocery cart instead.                                                                                           

This was clearly not one of my brighter ideas. Isabella would NOT stop trying to eat the steering wheel and Eliana decided it was nap time. I grabbed the Creamies and hit the road. I got home to discover that the Creamies are literally the ONLY thing I have ever given these two that they have turned their nose up to. Seriously? They are not interested in them at all. I guess they can’t be bothered with anything that isn’t real food. Smart girls. Don’t worry, they aren’t going hungry. Eliana weighed in at just under 19 pounds and Isabella weighed in at 20 pounds and 6 ounces.

So what are their favorite things to eat at 7 months?

Books of course!

And each other….

But if we are talking food…I think their favorite foods are pineapples, strawberries and sweet potatoes. They say “MMMMMM” when they are eating now but no other “words” yet.  Sometimes it does sound like Isabella is trying to say “Mama” so fingers crossed! Miss Isabella has TWO middle bottom teeth coming in and Eliana has one. She may not actually get the other middle bottom tooth because she was born with one that had to be pulled. That’s right… you read that right. She is so cool that she was born with a tooth! They are also using spoons like little champions. Not long after introducing baby food they started grabbing the spoon from me. I guess I wasn’t feeding them fast enough!

We just finished (well almost) the playroom and have gotten all of the toys moved in. The girls are really loving the case of water bottles in the corner. It is like we didn’t even have to spend a couple hundred dollars on actual toys. Their actual favorite toys at the moment are their jumper and exersaucer. They can “jump jump” all day long! Don’t worry I don’t let them stay in there all day. They also love Groove and Glow BeatBo and Bright Beats BeatBelle. They light right up when I turn them on and have even figured out how to push BeatBelle’s buttons. BeatBealle has probably given them the most belly laughs other than them laughing at each other blowing bubbles. Eliana regularly cracks herself up with her own bubble blowing.

Their main method of transportation is rolling. They will roll roll roll wherever their little hearts desire to go. They aren’t getting themselves into sitting positions yet but when I sit them up they can stay there for a few minutes without falling. They can even reach and grab objects while sitting there. Neither of them are crawling yet but it is coming SOON. Isabella gets into a crawling position and starts to rock for a few minutes just planning her next move. When she is tired of the fact that she hasn’t gotten anywhere she lays on her tummy and rolls wherever she wants to go. Eliana isn’t too interested in all of that nonsense yet. She will follow Isabella quickly though. Anytime Isabella learns something first Eliana wants to do it so bad she practices day and NIGHT until she masters it. This happened with rolling and with blowing bubbles. As soon as she masters it she is so proud of herself that she does it non stop.

Isabella love love loves to “talk” and coo. Eliana loves to blow bubbles, growl (yep) and squeal. They both have the sweetest and most infectious smiles. They light up any room we go in to and bring so much joy into everyone’s lives. They just keep growing and learning. It truly is incredible. I am so blessed to be their mommy and I can’t wait to see what their BIG futures hold. As I sign off tonight they are sleeping, but I know that when they wake up they will move mountains. Thank you all for following us all on our journey.


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  1. October 31, 2018 / 5:47 am

    I always wanted twins, but I ended up with the next best thing…two under two! My oldest boy loooooved those creamy things. Sorry it wasn’t a hit!

    Visit me sometime at http://www.organizingchaos.com

    I am trying to shift my blog content over to parenting two littles so we may have some similar themes! Good luck. Mary

    • sargentgenerallife
      October 31, 2018 / 11:05 am

      I literally LOVE you already! <3 Thanks for the comment I will definitely be following you! I love the side hustling, you go girl! I am also right there with you with the extreme of organization or chaos! I am currently trying to get my life BACK on track in that area and am determined to keep it up!

      Make sure you update your link in the comment to have the 101 on the end. It took me a minute to find you. Maybe someone else visiting my page will find you and love you as much as I do!


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