Nine Month Twin Update

Oh the places you will go…

Just one week ago today my little Ellie and Izzie turned 9 months old! 9 months in my books is dangerously close to a year old and makes me ugly cry. They are technically 8 months adjusted…but they seem to be in such a big rush to not be little anymore! I feel like it is so important to capture these monthly updates because it literally flies by at the speed of light.

These happy little babies are getting more and more personality each and every day. They never cease to amaze me. They are the happiest most loving babies I have ever met. They are definitely talkers, they babble all day long. They seem to be trying to perfect their squealing techniques. They get so excited to hear each other squeal and try to outdo each other, especially if we are in a public place because that makes it more fun. Eliana still says “Dada” ALL the time still but has finally mixed in some “Mama’s” in with it. She mostly says mama when she is really mad or upset. Her babble is also starting to sound a lot more like she is trying to say a thing or two and her little attitude lets me know that she means business with whatever her baby talk means. Isabella has still only said “Mama” a few times and mostly babbles and squeals. She doesn’t seem to be that interesting in using her words, she is way more interested in being busy. My mom actually recently came up with the PERFECT nickname for her: Izzy Busy. So her!

Speaking of being busy, miss Isabella is mobile and she wants to go everywhere and get into everything. Everything! She crawls her little heart out and tries to climb everything, especially daddy and mommy. She is a mama’s girl right now. She even enjoys crawling over her sister and trying to sit in her lap. It is SO sweet, but she doesn’t realize her own strength yet and sometimes hurts Eliana. She gets really excited easily and makes the cutest noises while flapping her arms up and down in excitement. Eliana isn’t interested in being mobile yet, she is still trying to perfect her speaking skills. She can roll around and half army crawl to wherever she could possibly want to be so I guess she doesn’t feel the need to crawl. She loves to dance to music also! She has recently learned how to wave as well, and she is waving and flirting with everyone, especially herself in the mirror. I do often wonder if they think the baby in the mirror is their sister, even though they are fraternal. Isabella was actually giving herself kisses in the mirror the other day. So cute!

Food is a lot of fun. They LOVE food. They particularly like salmon and avocado. Eliana isn’t sure about certain textures at first, like broccoli, but after licking and biting a few times she decides she likes the taste and will fight through the weird texture. They also really love it when I peel an apple and give them the whole thing to teeth and nibble on. They do so well with them and love the taste (even the sour ones.) It is amazing how one day everything just clicks and you don’t have to be terrified of your baby chewing big chunks anymore, especially if you learn the difference between the gagging reflex and chocking. They are drinking Babies Only Organic Formula and eating when and what we eat.

Eliana is such a sweet “big” sister!

Sleep is also great. I can’t ever blame my lack of sleep on their lack of sleep. These two have been sleeping through the night since they were two months old, Jason and I are so blessed. Anyone curious about how I got them to sleep through the night should check out this blog post and this book. I am still trying to get their bed time later in the day, but their little internal clocks are SO strong and they are exhausted by 6:00 pm. Any suggestions on moving bedtime later are appreciated, I have tried moving it little by little and they just keep reverting right back to somewhere around 6:00 and 6:30 (sometimes even earlier like tonight…but they aren’t feeling well). They do sleep with pacifiers and have been throwing them out of the crib lately sometime during the night. One day we will have to stop the pacifier search and rescue game, but for now we still save the night if they wake up wanting them.

These babies are definitely “Paci” babies, but also suck their thumbs which is pretty much the cutest thing ever. They don’t actually use their pacifiers too often. I am hoping will make it easier to wean them eventually. For now, we are using the Wubbanub pacifiers with the animals and they are really adorable. They are great because they also double as a little toy and when they drop them while in the stroller it is less likely to bounce all the way to the floor.

Toys are getting really fun with the age that they are. They are pretty decent at independent playing until they start feeling needy or taking each other’s toys away. I am starting to take time each day to point out colors and count with them. We have been using time in their new ball pit to teach colors in English and in Hebrew. I got the 400 count ball pit balls and put them in the pack ‘n play. After I show them colors several times, I can get a few things done like laundry or dishes while they play independently, and hopefully nicely. They are really enjoying the new alphabet blocks I got them for Hanukkah as well. They love chewing them and knocking down the towers that I make. It has become a game to try and see how many towers I can build before they knock them all down. I do try to count the blocks out when I am stacking them, but I haven’t started showing them the numbers or letters on the blocks yet. They both still love their bouncer, especially Eliana. I do try to limit her time in the bouncer because I really try to encourage her to be more mobile.

Our goal for the weekend is to finish their playroom and I am so excited. I am so glad that we were able to dedicate a room in our house for their play time and learning time. I will definitely be doing a room tour once it is all put together. Isabella enjoys playing hide-and-seek in their reading tent and it has been cracking me up so I can’t wait until the full room has been completed. We definitely have a TON of baby proofing to do in the house, it is in a bit of a disarray and has never fully recovered from my difficult pregnancy. New year’s resolution = Get the house clean, organized and baby proof it so that I can keep up with it on a daily and weekly basis.

The poor princesses are currently teething like CRAZY. Isabella actually popped a top tooth sometime last night! I can’t even imagine having to cut teeth and how painful that could be. I am a big baby when I get an ulcer in my mouth. I definitely pack on the cuddles during these times. We have been to the doctor a couple of times the past few weeks because they haven’t been feeling great. Eliana is 21 pounds and Isabella is 22 pounds! Goodness gracious! Time needs to stop flying by so fast. Next time I blink it will be there first year birthday party and I’m definitely still slacking in that area. This month my focus is going to be on refining our daily and weekly routine some. I am so blessed that my mom is still watching them two days a week so I can work. It is so good for them to get out of the house some too. They LOVE their Mimi and Papa and have a BLAST with her. Sometimes they cry all the way home (an hour) when they have to leave Mimi’s. I am so thankful and so blessed that God chose me to be their mama. Thank you all so much for joining us on this crazy journey of parenthood and life. 



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