Ten TWIN baby must-haves

You guys…twins are NO joke. It is hard to imagine at 7 months old that these little balls of fire used to be in my tummy and I was staying up all night trying to figure out what on earth I needed to buy before bringing them into this world. There were so many things that I thought I needed and never used. But these ten items have saved my life. Yes, life is busy and complicated, but life is also so much more fun now.

If you are a twin mom, are about to be a twin mom, know someone who is about to be a twin mom or are just fascinated with twins I hope this post gives you some insight and ideas. Don’t forget to let me know down in the comments if I forgot anything!  I decided to share links in red of what I have for my girls to help you find things easier! Please know these are affiliate links so if you do end up purchasing anything a small commission will go towards helping my family!

10. Two cribs.  I know this may seem like a no brainier but I actually only bought one crib. My mom is the one that told me I definitely needed two cribs and bought us another one. Thanks mom! Mom’s always know what is best. I have no idea how we would have survived with one crib. Actually, we wouldn’t have. We would have been on Amazon purchasing the second crib before their first night in a crib was over. Maybe we are the only ones with baby Houdini’s, but they will eventually be too big to share anyways so you might as well fix the problem before you ever have one. My babies move around so much at night that we ended up needing to buy these mesh bumpers so they wouldn’t get stuck with an arm or a leg out of the crib.

9. Large Muslin Swaddles- We used Copper Pearl Swaddles. We used them at night until about 5 months. My babies were sleeping through the night by two and a half months and we transitioned them into NO swaddle or sleep sac at all by un-swaddling one arm at a time until only their legs were in the baby burrito. We didn’t waste our money on sleep sacs and they sleep phenomenally. They are so soft and stretch and large enough to make wrapping really easy even on big babies. We now use them all the time if we go outside. I just lay it down on the ground and put their toys on them. They are also still excellent blankets.






8. A white noise machine. We play the sound of rain or the ocean every single night and for many of their naps. The idea of adding more noise in your baby’s bedroom may seem counter intuitive, but it works by blending the external sounds, like mom vacuuming the living room or traffic outside, so their brain pays less attention to it. Studies have shown that white noise and swaddling can give your newborn the best sleep. We have a baby monitor in our room so we can hear them if they cry since they are across the house. Since the monitor is on all night we actually hear the white noise all night long. I truly think that I am getting better sleep listening to the white noise as well. You don’t even have to buy a sound machine if you have an old cellphone or tablet laying around. Just download a white noise app.

7. A baby monitor. I have seen a lot of twin Mama’s that have the double screen system where you can see both babies at once. I haven’t actually found the added expense necessary in our case. We have both babies in the same room on opposite walls. We just move the monitor from side to side when we need to see the other baby. If you hear a baby choking, gagging or screaming you are probably going to jump out of bed and run to the room anyways instead of grabbing your monitor. When we hear a little whining there is plenty of time for us to move the monitor from one side to the other to see what is happening.

6. I am going to divide this one into two sections. We will have A for breast feeding Mama’s and B for Formula Feeding Mama’s. Now, I know a lot about both of these subjects because my goal was to breastfeed. I am incredibly thankful that I went into this whole twin mom thing with an “I’m going to do my best but it is going to be OK if I can’t” attitude. BE very careful how much pressure you put on yourself because this is something that can cause post-partem depression. You are human and none of us are super human. I truly wanted to breast feed and I am SUPER proud of myself for making it the first three and a half months-with supplementation. My little princesses were born 5 weeks premature and needed a LOT of extra food and one of them had a VERY difficult latch (She was actually born with a tooth that needed to be pulled). My supply was pretty good at first but not good enough for two very hungry babies. I tried mothers’ milk, flax seed, brewers’ yeast and pumping extra but my poor supply slowed further and further down until I dried up. Hey, its okay! I gave them everything that I could. So… without further ado:

A. Breast Feeding Mama’s need a breast pump. Make sure to check with your insurance company to see if you qualify for a free or reduced price pump. There wasn’t enough time in the day for me to pump one side at a time. I barely had time to try to pump  extra milk between their very hungry feedings. Just do me a favor and as SOON as you are done pumping, and I mean as soon as, put the cap on that sucker and pop in in the fridge! I will never forget those 8 ounces of liquid gold that I accidentally knocked over because I didn’t have my cap readily accessible. I literally just shed a tear over it just now. Let’s just take a moment to think about how stupid I was when I took this photo. What on Earth was I thinking…letting this bottle sit so close to the edge with that liquid gold unprotected by a cap. I have no words…

But seriously, do yourself a favor and get yourself an awesome pump. I love love loved my breast pump. Especially if you are working Mama or have a baby with latch problems, it may be attached to you more than your babies. Speaking of the pump being attached to you all the time, I really benefited from this breast pump bra. It allowed me to be more mobile while pumping. I had two hands to tend to babies or put away dishes or fold laundry or play on my phone.


B. For the formula feeding Mama’s out there. I don’t regret a penny spent on my Baby Brezza Formula Pro.  I felt like all I was doing all day long was shaking bottles and warming them up. Maybe if my amazing husband didn’t spoil me with the formula pro (thanks honey) I would have rock hard biceps-yeah…probably not. My babies turn their noses up at cold milk so this thing saved me SO MUCH TIME. With twins you know that anything that saves just a little bit of time is totally worth it. This thing warms the water, mixes and pours the amount you want. If you aren’t into the whole magical time saving machine than I definitely suggest getting a double bottle warmer. Even with the formula pro I still use my bottle warmer on occasion for bottle warming and sterilization.

5. Double Bassinet Pack n’ Play. We used this instead of two bassinets when they came home from the hospital. We kept them in there until about 2 months. We even ended up still using this a TON for travel after they transitioned into their cribs. We never anticipated travelling with them until they were much older but my granny had open heart surgery and we weren’t going to miss out on being there. After her surgery she was in ICU for a little longer than expected and then in the hospital for a while after. We spent many weekends traveling and this bassinet was a life saver. Now that they are bigger I plan on taking the bassinet part off and using it in their playroom as a ball pit.

4. A large play mat. The one in the link is very similar in size to the one that I have which is now unavailable. It is at least four times bigger than your standard play mat. My girls still both play on this mat with plenty of extra room at 7 months old. The play mat has been their primary daily activity since day one. They still really enjoy it at 7 months.

3. A BIG diaper bag. You need a lot of space. Double the diapers and wipes. You need room for bottles and formula or breast milk/pump. You need extra outfits. Trust me…you need extra outfits every single time. The ONE time I didn’t pack an extra outfit while I was at target there was a major blowout. MAJOR! It was all over her. It was all over the car seat. It was all over me. Thank God I was in Target and was able to buy a whole new outfit. Anyways, you need lots of room in your bag. If you are breast feeding (and if you are not) you need room for snacks too. The list goes on and on and yes, you really do need double of everything.

2. A Double Jogging Stroller. Whether you are a runner, jogger, walker or none of the above…trust me you will want to get out of the house. The car seat clips right into this. My babies were not big enough for this stroller (or a standard double stroller) until they were about 5 months old. I actually fell in love with this stroller before I was pregnant. My sister used it on our Disney trip one year. It fits in a standard size door and drives so smooth. There is so much room for activities in this thing too. I use toys that clip on to play mats and clip them onto the handles of the stroller to keep the girls entertained. The visor goes all the way forward so you can protect your babies eyes no matter the angle of the sun. I clipped the car seats into this and strolled around the neighborhood as soon as I felt up to leaving the house. I still remember how amazing it felt to be outside. I even use this stroller when I need to get groceries. I put the groceries in the basket on the bottom.  It helps so much because two car seats can’t fit into one grocery cart and still have room for groceries!








1. Twin-Z Pillow and cover. If I had to choose one item that has saved my life it would be this. This pillow has been used multiple times every single day of their lives. I did get a ton of use out of it while breast feeding one baby and also tandem nursing, but this pillow is not only for breast feeding Mama’s.  I also propped both babies up in this pillow and tandem bottle feed them. I still feed

them like this today. Isabella is just now learning to hold her bottle a good 70% of the time. Even with her holding her bottle I still have her propped in the pillow. You can do so much more with this pillow than feeding babies. It was really great for tummy time the first few months and is now really awesome for assisting them with sitting. We also use it for story time and they still regularly have naps in it. If it is nap time and the girls fall asleep during their bottle they stay in the pillow for the nap. I literally cannot say enough about this pillow and could go on and on for hours. I will spare you and just say that YOU NEED THIS!

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