Twin 9 Month Daily Routine

We have been battling cold and sinus sickness in our house and my poor blog has taken the back burner. But, before the girls turn 10-months-old and I am due for that update I wanted to stop in and take some notes on our daily routine. My mom watches the girls two days a week so I can work, but on the other days our routine is starting to kind of iron itself out. The days seem long, but the weeks seem shorter and shorter. I am trying my best to be intentional about cherishing every moment that I have with them, because every time I blink a month has gone by.

The girls wake up around 6 or 6:30 bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to party. I change their diapers and give them their first 6 oz bottle to start the day. I leave them in their pajamas and bring them into the playroom for some free play. This is usually the only time right now that I can get anything done other than nap times. As soon as they see me, they want me to hold them so I rush to get everything done that I can before they see me. I usually am able to start a load of laundry, unload and re-load the dishwasher and gather random dirty baby clothes items that have been sprinkled around the house.

At this point I will settle into the playroom with them and try to stuff some cloth diapers while they, hopefully, continue to independently play. They have recently taken an interest in “helping” me stuff the diapers, which is so cute but very counterproductive. Once I either finish stuffing diapers or decide to put it off for nap time I usually will start playing with the girls. I try to encourage Eliana to crawl by putting all of her favorite toys out of her reach. She usually laughs really hard at me and turns and rolls and jimmies herself right over to her toys. She thinks crawling is for the birds. I will pile their blocks up into towers and they love knocking them over.

About an hour after they have been awake, I start making what I call “baby” breakfast. I have been making myself a smoothie and sharing it with them along with whatever else I make myself for breakfast. They are such great eaters and haven’t turned down any foods so far. It usually takes 30 or so minutes for them to eat breakfast. Since they are already in their highchairs and out of my way on the ground, I usually will put something on TV for them to watch for 20-30 minutes. I use this time to clean up the mess they made on the floor, their highchairs and their faces. This gives me enough time to clean up the kitchen from breakfast and answer a few work emails and sometimes make a phone call or two.

Then they are usually ready for their first nap. I turn the TV off and start to get their diapers, wipes, wipe solution, and bottles ready while they are playing with their highchair toys. I turn the light off in their room and turn the sound machine on before bringing them in. Once I change their diapers and wipe down any leftover breakfast off of them, I give them their bottles. As soon as they are done with their bottles, I pull their bottle out and replace it with their pacifier if they haven’t done this on their own and I move them to their cribs.

When they wake up from the first nap I will either put them in their ball pit or their playroom and start showing them colors and telling them the names in Hebrew and in English. I haven’t started working on too many other words with them yet. After that I just play with them and hold one or the other until lunch time. Lunchtime brings another half hour of entertainment usually. I really like to take them on a walk around the neighborhood in the jogging stroller in the afternoons. Sometimes there is a little bit more playtime after the walk before their second nap. I prep for their second nap just like the first nap and off the the cribs they go.

When they wake up from their nap, I try to get them to play independently while I prep for dinner, but they are into everything right now and that is definitely getting harder and harder these days! After dinner we have bath time, bed time routine and bed time (night-night time).

*Rule of thumb is that I usually keep them up for at least 3 hours between naps*

6/630 wake time (sometimes 545)

6oz bottle when they wake

Food about an hour to an hour and a half later

Nap around 9/930 (usually sleep for about an hour to an hour and a half)

Up around 1030

6oz bottle when they wake

Food about an hour to an hour and a half after the nap

Nap around 2/230 (usually sleep for about an hour to an hour and a half)

Another bottle of 6oz

Dinner usually around 5/530

Bath time

Bedtime around 630



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