Twin Baby 10 Month Update

How can they be ten months old already? *Cue the water works.* Yep, we have hit the 10-month milestone and I wanted to document life at the moment. These little (big?) babies are so full of personality and are learning new things at the speed of light.

These girls surprise me every single day with the things that they do. They are clapping, waving, climbing, dancing and talking little girls.  They both say Momma and Dada now, and it’s still THE cutest thing in the world. Eliana has started trying to say “kitty cat” and Isabella still just squeals when she sees them. I caught her on video a few days ago giving our cat Lily kisses. Come to think of it, she was giving Eliana kisses the other day too. It was so sweet until she started squishing her head into the carpet and pulling at her mouth. Isabella is crawling and climbing all over everything. She pulls up on everything, even if it can’t support her weight. Yes, I am one stressed Momma right now. Eliana finally is starting to army crawl and it looks like she will be crawling any day now. She has started trying to pull herself up as well. She also stands up and puts weight on her feet if she is holding onto Mommy, Daddy or Mimi. My days are spent watching them like a hawk and not much else gets done unless they are napping. These little moments won’t last forever, and I am trying to just enjoy every little minute of it. After all, they are already 10 months old and it feels like they were just born a few months ago (not 10).

They are still food lovers. They have taken a new interest in feeding the cats, which is super lovely. They know if they drop their food off of their trey that the cats will vacuum in up for them, which they think is hilarious and exciting. I feel like I am sweeping from the time they start eating until right after I get them out of the highchairs. When dinner time rolls around I get a little lazy with my crazy sweeping. They have recently learned how to use STRAWS! They love them and are so good at it. They get upset if I am drinking something from a straw and don’t share. They really love smoothies. We have been having a smoothie for breakfast or lunch quite often.

Blocks and ball pit balls are some of their current favorite toys. I am trying to introduce them to colors and have been separating different colored toys into different bins. They also really love their play game cube activity center. Both babies really love music and dance and bob their heads to the songs. Pat-a-cake is their favorite song with hand motions right now but I am working on the “Itsy bitsy spider” and “deep and wide.” Eliana’s new “best friend” is her Unicorn that her Aunt Holly and Uncle Matt got her. She loves it SO much and never gets tired of it. As soon as I get too tired to push her and hold her on it, she has a little mini meltdown. I THINK I am getting ready to get rid of the jumper. I keep saying I need to get rid of it and then not doing it. It takes up so much space but they both honestly still LOVE it. I just think that they should be working on their crawling, walking, standing and pulling up skills instead? I just don’t know though, they are only this little once.

We have FINALLY graduated to “big girl baths”. At least, I think that started this month? I could be having a mommy moment. Bath time is one of their favorites, especially Isabella. Isabella gets SO excited she kicks and hops up and down and squeals. I just love it. We have to keep Isabella off of Eliana because she just gets too excited. They love the eat the bath toys and play with bubbles. They do NOT do well with me getting the water out of their hair, but I am hoping they will get better with their water bucket. Isabella has learned how to pull the drain plug up and thinks it is so much fun.

Isabella now has FOUR teeth and Eliana is going to have three VERY soon. Teething has been rough, they have both had fevers and restless nights. The top teeth have caused a lot of congestion since it is right next to the sinus cavities. I do not envy being little and having to cut teeth. They are taking it like little champs though, even though it breaks my heart into pieces. Gel teethers and teeth oil helps so much though with their pain.

We went to the Zoo in December and the girls didn’t really show any interest in anything, but I tried again last week and it was a MAJOR success! They loved the petting zoo part. The girls just wanted to touch all of the animals. They were even cracking up at the giraffes being so tall. They giggled and giggled. I can’t wait to go back with Jason so we can each hold a baby and let them pet the animals.

Our park adventure, unfortunately, was not as successful as the zoo. They freaked out at the baby swings and weren’t too sure about the slides. Eliana was sort of giving the swing a chance, but was pretty scared as well. Maybe if we try again in a month, they will love it as much as the zoo. I would love to be able to get them to a park once a week to swing, just to get them out of the house.

I am truly so grateful, thankful and blessed to be able to make all of these memories with these miracle babies. I can’t wait to see the people they become, but I want to enjoy them being little as long as I can. Now, its time to start really working towards getting their first birthday party planned and stop putting it off. Yikes.



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