Twin Baby 11-Month Update

Well, I’m two weeks late on Eliana and Isabella’s 11-month update. The real reason? I’m in denial you guys! I’m in denial. I can’t believe that they will be one year old in two weeks.

These girls are singing, dancing, talking, clapping, crawling and almost standing/walking little balls of energy. They are gaining so many new words like “baby” and “sissy” it really is incredible. Eliana FINALLY started crawling. It finally just clicked and that leg of hers got out of her own way. She is now crawling at lightening speed and pulling up on everything just like sissy. She even got herself in her baby chair today…and face planted out of it (oops). We FINALLY ordered a big baby gate for the living room today and I am so excited about it. We are expanding their area of responsibility! I will make sure to let you all know how that works out for us.

Food is still a ton of fun for them and we are starting the weaning process. They have completely dropped the bottle when they wake up and usually only need a bottle before each of their two naps and then at bed time. Sometimes they need another bottle randomly throughout the day. One day they will pick all of the blueberries out of their entire meal and only want those and the next day they will throw them to the cats and eat all of their broccoli instead. I am a real wimp and haven’t started cutting their food into bigger bites, but I know that they are starting to get really good at chewing things and maybe be ready for that soon.

We have been practicing with colors and animals. Eliana has learned to point at things and sometimes gets lucky and points at the right color or animal. Isabella will just pick them up to eat. We will get there eventually. The best part about learning animals right now is that Eliana thinks all animals are “kitty cats”, especially Lions. We have been to the zoo a few times and she points and says “kitty” at the lion. Miss Isabella said kitty cat clear as day a few weeks ago, even Jason heard it from two rooms away and then I haven’t heard her say it since. She is so stingy with her words, but I know she has plenty stored up in that brain of hers. One of her favorite works right now is “NO” while shaking her head vigorously. It is SO adorable when they try to nod their head yes, they use their whole bodies.

They LOVE story time and especially love the books “Five little monkeys” or “Five little ladybugs”.  One of my favorite things about their current age is that they get SO excited about everything. They smile huge, squeal in excitement, bounce up and down on their bottoms, waves their arms around and are just such happy babies. They get the most excited when daddy comes home from work.

I try making it a priority to get out of the house as much as I can. Fresh air is so good for everyone. I love taking them on walks and they love when there is a slight breeze. They kick back and sip water in their sippy cups and enjoy the view.  We always all feel so much better after getting out, even if it is just twenty minutes. They still really enjoy going grocery shopping and smiling and babbling to all of the people. I think it will be entertaining when they are old enough to respond back to the “are they twins” question we always receive.

Their new favorite toys (mostly to bang together and eat) are the Melissa & Doug wooden peg puzzles. They are also really interested in everything they shouldn’t have, like the piping hot cup of coffee on the table, or the remote controls, or my phone. Everything is fascinating right now and they are learning so many new things, including closing the door in the playroom. I may actually take that door off because I am terrified that they are going to smash their fingers in it. Maybe I will actually get their chalk wall done when we take the door off! I am sure all of these fun things will wait until after their birthday.

There is a lot of birthday planning going down right now! It snuck up on me so fast I am pretty nervous! I facetime with my sister Holly the other night and finally got everything out on paper and some last-minute things ordered. Their invitations read:

Pink, Gold, Lace and Pearls
Help us celebrate these little girls
Don’t miss out on all the fun
Eliana and Isabella
Are turning ONE

It is a lot of fun watching them grow into their personalities and interact more with one another. They like to give each other hugs and kisses and knock each other over and crawl over each other and lay on top of each other. Each and every day brings something new and I am excited to watch them grow into beautiful young women, but I can wait a lot longer and time can start slowing down any day now. In just a couple of weeks I will be telling you all about their birthday and reminiscing on their first year of life. I’m going to go to bed and cry now.


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