You and Me + a Petri Dish = Four

Hello again! I wanted to do a little questionnaire of our IVF cycles. I am hoping this will answer a lot of questions I have gotten. When I was going through this process I searched desperately on the internet to find experiences of others. It helped me feel like I wasn’t alone in this crazy infertility world.  I would love it if you would share any experiences you may have had. You never know who your story may end up helping.

Age during IVF: 26

How long TTC: We were married on January 19th of 2014 and our successful Frozen Egg Transfer was July 28th of 2017.

What testing did you have done before diagnosis: Our fertility journey started with me getting an HSG ( hysterosalpingogram) and holy moly was that an interesting experience. It is essentially when they place a tube with iodine dye into your cervix and force it through your Fallopian tubes and take pictures to see if there are any blockages/obstructions. I definitely read way too many blog posts on this procedure beforehand. In all honesty it wasn’t THAT bad for me. Mine was completely clear so I did not have to experience any sort of pain with ink backing up or moving things along the tubes. That being said, it was very uncomfortable. I had some moderate to severe cramping with the dye and some pinching when the tube went in and came out as well. I wouldn’t be jumping for joy to do this again but I would do it again in a heartbeat for my babies. When my test was clear they sent my husband for a semen analysis. When his results came back low my testing came to a halt. Jason then went through a surgery for varicose veins in hopes to improve his fertility. Six months went by and no improvement was made so on we went to the next step with IUI’s. After just one IUI we were told this was not a good option for us so we went on to the IVF testing. When they were doing standard checks on my cervix they found several polyps. I had a surgery that removed 20 something polyps before our IVF journey could really begin. 

Diagnosis or any known issues: Male factor low fertility and Female factor polyps that could prevent implantation

Treatments you tried before IVF: Clomid

How many IVF’s have you done: 2 (Our unsuccessful fresh transfer was on May 22nd 2017)

Did you use donor eggs or sperm: No

Protocol (all meds taken/used): Birth control, Gonal-F Shot, Menopur Shot, Estradiol, Cetrotide Shot, Progesterone Suppositories (Crinone), Progesterone in Oil Shot, HCG Shot, , Medral steroid pills (like 10 of them everal days in a row), Z-Pac

E2 at time of trigger: They actually never told me what my levels were. They just told me when to take the shot.

How many follicles at/before ER: 28(ish) was their guess

How many eggs retrieved: 18

How many eggs fertilized: 14

How many frozen: 6

How many days between ER & ET (aka what day transfer or FET): 5 day transfer

How many transferred: 1 transferred on May 31st that was unsuccessful.  2 transferred on July 28th that were both successful.

Did you develop OHSS, if yes to what degree (& E2 #’s): I didn’t

Symptoms or issues during 2WW (Two Week Wait): Nausea

Did you POAS? (if yes when & how often): I had to google this one. haha. POAS is apparently “Pee on a Stick”. Yes! I peed on three sticks when I got a positive the second round. I would have bought more if Jason would have let me too!

What day you got your 1st BFP (If applicable): 7dp5dt (7 days post 5 day transfer) on my FET

Number of first beta: In the 500’s

If BFP, number of babies: 2

Knowing what you know now about the journey, what would you do different? I would have kept a blog and YouTube channel while we were going through it. I would also request to not do Crinone and only do the Progesterone in Oil.

Anything else you would have wanted to know before you started this journey and what advice can you offer others about to embark on or going through theirs? Prepare yourself for the crazy emotional ups & downs. Pray through all of them. Tell your spouse how you are feeling. This is going to be hard on both of you. Your spouse isn’t going to want to see you going through everything you are going through. You are doing this all for a reason and it is the best reason possible. Be easy on yourself emotionally, mentally and physically.

I am so thankful for the process of IVF, God used it to bring my two little miracles into my little family. These two miracles bring so much light and joy to so many people. If you are going through IVF or if this may be your next step, I am praying for you every day.


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